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Extreme Fruit Salad with the Alpha Outpost Reaper Box

We decided it was time to try out our Alpha Outpost October box and put the contents of the Reaper to the test on our recent camping trip. It did not disappoint. This is how you make yourself an EXTREME fruit salad! What's better than chopping up fruit with your Alpha Outpost hatchet and machete?… Continue reading Extreme Fruit Salad with the Alpha Outpost Reaper Box

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Pack Pillow Review

I recently went off-roading around the White Rim Trail down in Canyonlands. It was the perfect time to do a complete test drive of the Pack Pillow. It is amazing! Here is a quick list of my likes. 1-Light Weight. Always a top want when backpacking. 2-You can roll or fold it down so it… Continue reading Pack Pillow Review

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Red Ledge Thunderlight Jacket

If you're spending any time in the outdoors at all, you will need a reliable outer layer of clothing. This is one area where you can spend anywhere from a few dollars to your whole paycheck. So if you're looking for the ideal balance between cost and quality, I recommend the Thunderlight jacket from Red… Continue reading Red Ledge Thunderlight Jacket