Junk Headbands

Whether out on the trail or in the gym, nobody needs sweat dripping down into your eyes or streaming down your face. I have worn bandanas or handkerchiefs for years for fashion, functionality, and versatility. One thing I never loved about a traditional handkerchief, however, was having it move around or unroll if it wasn’t tight enough or causing a headache if it was too tight. Then of course you have the knot from tying it that can get in the way, come undone, or just plain be uncomfortable! Being so thick in the material can also make it soggy with sweat and honestly stinky. So what’s a guy or girl to do??

I had Junk Headwear pop up as an ad on Instagram and for once, I was grateful for the interruption in my feed! From the description, I was intrigued by a product claiming to be moisture wicking, lightweight, breathable, and **gasp** comfortable. I’ve been working out a lot lately and this particular ad showed people working out with them on as well. They looked awesome and for just $15.99, I felt like it was totally worth trying out.

Right out of the package, I was really pleased that the description was accurate. First impression: they’re very soft and comfy. Made with an 89% poly/11% spandex blend, they are just the right balance of stretchy to stay in place, but not dig into your noggin. Made from single ply fabric, they really are lightweight and breathable when wearing them. The seam at the back just felt like the fabric rolled into itself so it was very comfortable as well and you didn’t even notice it after putting it on.

The particular style that I chose was the Big Bang Lite. It measures 4.25″ tall and 9″ wide, tapered to 1.5″ in the back at the seam. They offer a total of six different headband styles, including a traditional tie-in-the-back style (Flex Tie) or narrower (Thin Band). They even offer the Ear Warmer for colder weather.

The biggest test now was getting my sweat on. I turned on one of my favorite HIIT cardio workouts and it wasn’t long before my heart rate was up and I could feel myself starting to heat up. I had no issues with sweat running down my face or eyes during my entire workout which eliminated the need for a towel for my face and the headband didn’t even budge the entire time! I was also very pleasantly surprised with how cool it kept my head the entire time as opposed to a traditional sweatband or handkerchief. I couldn’t have been happier. Wearing it out walking/running was more of the same. It wicked away the sweat, kept me cool, didn’t move the entire time, and was super comfortable to wear! I even wore one around the house the entire day and didn’t once feel a need to take it off. Being machine washable, I can just toss it in a regular load of laundry when it’s dirty and it’s ready for another round.

Another awesome thing about Junk headbands, is that they have hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from! Being a sucker for Captain America and all things Marvel, that pattern was too rad to pass up. They also have numerous sports teams to choose from, especially baseball, and a massive variety of themes to scroll through and pick from. I love that you can express yourself, support your favorite team, and make it a fashion statement!

In conclusion, I love my Junk Headwear and would absolutely recommend one to anyone. Just for subscribing/signing up to their email list, you can get 10% off your first order. Head over to their website to see their entire lineup of products at www.junkbrands.com today.

– Jake

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