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Alpha Outpost September 2017: Hades

  Subscription boxes are all the rage these days and there are plenty to choose from. For us, it's all about Alpha Outpost! We love these boxes so much that we decided to make them a staple on our channel. Every month, we'll unbox and share the newest gear cache from Alpha Outpost with you.… Continue reading Alpha Outpost September 2017: Hades

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Another Fork In The Trail by Laurie Ann March

Some good friends of mine have recently been getting into dehydrating different foods for healthy snacking. After having some of their snacks I too wanted to invest in a dehydrator. I couldn't really justify it though. It didn't make sense to buy a dehydrator just so I could have some dried apples from time to… Continue reading Another Fork In The Trail by Laurie Ann March

Camping Ideas, Product Reviews

Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals

When you're planning any backpacking trip you have to first pick a destination, and then you start to think about food.  Good, nutritious food usually means added weight,  but in the last few years freeze dried food has fixed that problem.  There are several companies, and most of them make a good product, but the… Continue reading Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals