Atoll Board Co.

Atoll Board Company is a premier provider of inflatable stand up paddle boards, paddles, assessors and apparel at competitive prices.  Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Team Atoll’s roots can be traced back to Southern California surf culture combined with a love of Mother Nature. This powerful synergy has made Atoll Board Co. one of the top rated inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market.

The Atoll iSUP (inflatable stand up paddle board) measures 11 feet long, and is the perfect all-around sized board for everyone — from children to adults. Atoll Board Co.’s 11 foot inflatable paddle board allows for a multitude of activities for every water enthusiast. Regardless of your region, the portability and versatility of the Atoll iSUP board is ready for lakes, rivers, oceans, fishing, relaxing or even SUP yoga. The dedicated team at Atoll has brought one sized SUP to the market, a size that is is right for everyone.

Find all of Atoll Board Company’s products at to start your next adventure out on the water!