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PackPillow Un…bagging?

In this episode of Backwoods Gear Review, we have an unboxing-- wait, can we call it unboxing if it is in a bag? We have an un..bagging? We take our first look at the PackPillow. This is a new design that allows you to combine your camp pillow, day pack, seat, stuff sack into one… Continue reading PackPillow Un…bagging?

Camping Ideas, Videos

“What’s In My Pack” with Jeff

I've always found it helpful to know what other people like to take with them in the pack. I thought I'd share with you what I like to take with my in my backpack as well. Here's what I take with my on my outdoor adventures! - Jeff

Camping Ideas, Videos

“What’s In My Pack” with Jake

I get asked often about what I carry in my pack. This changes depending on the duration of my trip and the season I'm in, but I thought it would be a fun video to make. For your viewing pleasure, here's what's in Jake's pack! - Jake