Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad

For the first review I’ve decided to tackle sleeping pads.  I used to look down on pads, thinking they added too much weight and girth for no real extra sleeping comfort.  This winter while trying to get some sleep in the middle of a snow storm, I decided it was time to look for a barrier between the cold ground and myself.  The search began and after trying every pad I could find, I discovered Big Agnes.

When I first went looking for a pad I was really focused on weight.  Being 6’6″ tall, I needed something big, but that adds poundage pretty quickly, so I was hesitant about finding anything. This pad is 23 ounces and when rolled up is smaller than a football.

Another great feature is the 2.5″ inflated thickness, which means when I’m on my side my hips don’t dig into the ground.  Next comes the PrimaLoft insulation that keeps you warm even while sleeping in the snow. Something I’ve come to appreciate is how quickly I’m able to inflate/deflate the pad.  When walking into camp near dusk it’s nice to have time on your side and this definitely helps in that battle.  Add in the water resistance and you have yourself an incredible product.  

One more bonus to this pad is that it’s apart of the Big Agnes Re-Routt program, named after Routt county, Colorado. The products in this series are designed using recycled material.  So supporting companies like this helps put a dent in the world waste dilemma, good idea right?

– Paul

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