Xero Shoes DayLite Hikers

Here at Backwoods Gear Review, we love our friends at Xero Shoes and the amazing products that they create. What we just unboxed, however, blew our minds AGAIN! The new Daylite Hiker from Xero Shoes is a GAME CHANGER for outdoor footwear. Here’s our first impression. Prepare to be AMAZED! – Jake

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Xero Shoes Prio Unboxing

What’s all the buzz about minimalist shoes? What’s the difference and why does it matter? On this episode of Backwoods, we unbox the new Xero Shoes Prio and talk about how these minimalist trail shoes will help you #FeelTheWorld like never before! – Jake & Treebeard

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Xero Shoes Prio

I have been a big fan of minimal shoes. The problem I have found is that most of these shoes have had an alien or Ninja Turtle look (Vibram 5 Finger). I have still enjoyed them, and still recommend them. However; it is a struggle when it comes to foot odor. Yes, you can go […]

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