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Red Ledge Thunderlight Jacket

If you're spending any time in the outdoors at all, you will need a reliable outer layer of clothing. This is one area where you can spend anywhere from a few dollars to your whole paycheck. So if you're looking for the ideal balance between cost and quality, I recommend the Thunderlight jacket from Red… Continue reading Red Ledge Thunderlight Jacket

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“What’s In My Pack” with Jeff

I've always found it helpful to know what other people like to take with them in the pack. I thought I'd share with you what I like to take with my in my backpack as well. Here's what I take with my on my outdoor adventures! - Jeff

Camping Ideas, Videos

“What’s In My Pack” with Jake

I get asked often about what I carry in my pack. This changes depending on the duration of my trip and the season I'm in, but I thought it would be a fun video to make. For your viewing pleasure, here's what's in Jake's pack! - Jake