Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Double Hammock

If you’ve been following along recently, you know that we recently celebrated National Hammock Day with our friends from Grand Trunk. As part of the celebration, Grand Trunk released their new Parachute Nylon Double Hammock and all I can say is: “WOW!” These guys really upped the bar with the Double Parachute and reiterated why there are hammocks, and then there is Grand Trunk. Let me tell you why.

As you have seen before, we love Grand Trunk hammocks here at Backwoods Gear Review. The Ultralight Travel hammock is my weapon of choice on any outdoor adventure. When I heard about the new Double hammock they had come out with, I knew I had to try it! For this review, I’ll be making a lot of comparisons between my Ultralight model and the Double hammock model so you can get an idea of how it compares in size and features.

As you can see, the Ultralight comes in a smaller package than the Double, but not by much. That’s one thing that I love about Grand Trunk hammocks is that they are able to stuff into themselves and are so compact that you can take them anywhere without taking up a lot of space. This still applies to the Double. It is able to be completely packed into the attached stuff sack and will store easily inside your pack, your car, or your trailer with ease. An added benefit to the attached stuff sack is that it becomes a handy packet to stow your camera, phone, keys, or anything else while you’re relaxing or sleeping.

There are several visible differences between the Ultralight (left) and the Double (right). First, the Double is one foot longer in length. With more material comes more weight. The Ultralight weighs only 12 ounces while the Double weighs 20 ounces. As far as capacity is concerned, the Ultralight will hold a single person up to 250 pounds while the Double can hold multiple individuals up to 400 pounds of weight. Believe me when I  tell you that I put this to the test! We loaded five kids inside this thing along with myself and the Double held strong and firm. Absolutely awesome!

Speaking of capacity, you’ll notice that the Double (left) looks a little wider than the Ultralight (right) in the above photo. The size difference is especially evident when placing the Ultralight hammock inside of the Double (photo below). The added material on either side really makes the Double a much larger and roomier option. It’s not so big that you’ll feel like you’re drowning in it if you’re sleeping alone, but is very comfortable with two adults inside. There is even enough material to pull up and around the two of you on either side. This really gives you a secure and comfortable feeling when you’re inside instead of feeling like one or both of you might roll or fall out of the hammock.

A final difference that you’ll notice between the Ultralight and the Parachute Double Nylon Hammock, and one of my favorite features, is found at either end. The Ultralight comes with two S-shaped hooks to hang the hammock. Because of the added capacity, the Double comes with two nautical-grade hanging carabiners. This is definitely a plus because I have worried at times when hanging my Ultralight about the S-hook slipping or coming undone. This is impossible with the Double and still makes set up and take down a breeze!

You’ll also notice that the Double comes with its own heavy-duty cords to hang your hammock as well as some handy instructions. I always carry paracord with me on the trail, but I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted to find the included rope (already knotted) when I opened the Double for the first time. This thing really comes ready to use and enjoy.

My final judgement on the Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Double Hammock is that I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. I love the mildew-resistant, high-strength material that is comfortable and dries quickly. Another big thing about the material is that I never felt worried about my hammock tearing, splitting, or snagging. At 20 ounces I still feel like it’s a great lightweight solution for backpacking and is a perfect answer for individuals with larger body types who may not fit as comfortably in the Ultralight model. My kids LOVE this thing and it’s built to survive all of our family adventures.

– Jake

See the full line of Grand Trunk products at their website:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Parachute Nylon Double Hammock for free from Grand Trunk Goods as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.

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