Kuhl Jetstream Jacket

Hey, everyone. Colton here with a great piece of gear you can rely on when you need it, the Kuhl Jetstream Jacket. I will admit, I am a bit of a gear nut. And I LOVE jackets! But sometimes it’s hard to pick the right one for the job that you can carry in your gear all the time. Well folks, I may have found the perfect jacket to stuff in a backpack and forget until you need it. This bad boy is 100% waterproof and windproof.  When you store it in the included matching stuff sack, it takes up about as much room as a pair of hiking socks. How great is that?! I decided to put this jacket through the ringer and see how well it holds up… 

I have discovered that it fits really well with a climbing harness on and moves well enough that I had no issues climbing all day in cooler weather. The velcro around the wrist helped keep the arms in place with no uncomfortable bunching or riding up. It had great movement in the shoulders and waist as I navigated through tough terrain. I also took this jacket BMX riding with me on a couple of occasions, both dirt and park riding. It performed beautifully. I took a pretty rough fall while riding in the dirt in the foothills. I was concerned at first that the jacket would have been torn on the rocks but this thing seams to be pretty bombproof. Not even a scratch!

My final test was taking it to work. I work as a delivery man for a local furnishing company and this is where this jacket is worth its weight in gold to me. (However little that is because it’s so lightweight!) In the winter months and spring, my job has a terrible drawback of being outside in the elements and going in and out of costumer’s homes. As you would expect, people like to have it warm inside their houses when the weather sucks. So the constant temperature change of going in and out of all day long can get to be annoying because I have to constantly adjust my layers. Well, with the Kuhl Jetstream Jacket, spring this year was the best I have ever had. It kept me warm enough while not restricting the movement needed for the physicality of my job. At the same time, it was light enough that while being inside, I wasn’t dying of heat like I normally would when wearing a heavier jacket.

The price for this jacket is $189 at retail stores and it runs the same price on Kuhl’s official website. I will admit that it can be a little expensive on the price tag, but I’ll tell you what: The Price Is Worth It.  I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and friends, I tell you this jacket is worth twice that easy.  

Here is a link to Kuhl’s website so you can snag yours today: https://www.kuhl.com/kuhl/mens/outerwear/ms-jetstream-jacket/

– Colton

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