GoLite Vermillion Thermal Full-Zip Jacket

Whenever I’m out in the outdoors, I always take some sort of jacket or fleece with me to keep out the cold at night. I have been carrying a real basic fleece base layer pullover, but it still left much to be desired. It was only good for wearing underneath something else or sleeping in. Well, it just got replaced by the GoLite Vermillion Thermal Jacket! Lightweight, warm, and extremely comfortable, I never want to take this thing off! Let me tell you why…

There are several key features that made me fall in love with the Vermillion the minute I put it on. The first thing to impress me was how comfortable and soft it was! Seriously, this jacket is extremely comfortable. The inside of the jacket has a baby-soft feel to it being a brushed fleece and honestly feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s got a little stretch to it as well which gives a snug fit around you while allowing your body to move uninhibited. The material is made of a polyester blend containing 78% recycled materials, which is pretty awesome too.

It has a really cool stylish look to it as well and comes in several great colors. I have received a lot of comments on it whenever I’m wearing it and it really fits well. Not too tight, not to baggy. I love that I feel like I can wear this thing anywhere. It looks great wearing it around town and delivers performance out on the trail. It really is as versatile as you are, whatever activity you’re doing.

Touching again on how the Vermillion allows your body to move easily, this really has an athletic feel to it. As I wore it around through a variety of activities, it always kept my body temperature regulated and breathed very well. It would be perfect for running, hiking, and any other active outdoor activity. When I was really working hard to see how it would preform, I felt it wicking away my sweat and keeping me as cool as it did warm, whatever I needed it to be.

The mesh pockets are deep and allow for some ventilation when left open. The outer pockets have secure zippers to keep your stuff safe and have matching interior sleeve pockets on the inside of the jacket for further storage. The pockets also fit well into the jacket’s construction so they didn’t feel floppy or baggy, which I really appreciated as well. It really has a sleek feel to it and doesn’t feel bulky at all.

Finally, being a product of GoLite, you’d expect the Vermillion to be light in weight. At 13 ounces, it backs up its name. You really can feel the difference when you put the jacket on. While it’s a lightweight jacket, it’s warm, comfortable, and feels much better than other similar jackets I’ve worn in comparison. While perfectly functional on its own as an outer layer, I can wear this to bed and sleep comfortably and use it as a base layer when its extra cold out. It even compressed really well into my pack so it didn’t feel like it was taking up a lot of space.

So if you’re looking for a great all-around jacket, take a look at the Vermillion Thermal Full-Zip Jacket by GoLite.

–  Jake

Check out the full line of GoLite products on their website: www.golite.com

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