Wazoo Survival Gear Viking Whetstone Pendant

Viking Whetstone

Wazoo Survival Gear has made a name for themselves by creating a variety of products that are both useful and stylish; survival gear for everyday wear and use. Just perusing their website will give you more than enough wishlist items for the holidays! That’s one of the reasons we were super excited to test out their Viking Whetstone Pendant.

Everyone knows there’s nothing worse (or less safe) than a dull knife, especially in a survival situation. Our friends at Wazoo Survival Gear are delivering a product that will keep you prepared to avoid exactly that while looking good doing it. The whetstone itself is handmade from Arkansas Novaculite a designed to be a general-purpose fieldstone at a medium fineness of 600-800 grit size. This makes it versatile and handy for a variety of metal types and cutting objects to keep a sharp working edge to your blade.

This pendant modernizes a traditional Viking tool that can be worn in a variety of ways. Stylish enough to go with any every-day outfit, rugged enough to be add to your outdoor kit, the Viking Whetstone’s leather strap is long enough for a lanyard or cinches down to a short attachment loop. Each pendant is also tied in a unique “Napoleon Claw” knot that is very Viking/Celtic inspired which is really cool too.

Viking Whetstone Pendant

As far as a field test goes, I was very pleased with how quickly the whetstone was able to sharpen my knife and axe. Without a lot of time or effort, I was able to return both blades to a sharp and working edge that lasted. I know that some people are very particular about their knife-sharpening and I can see that argument that it isn’t a precision sharpening tool. Totally fair. That’s not the purpose of this whetstone pendant. Again, it’s meant to be a general purpose fieldstone and it delivers on that. It’s lightweight, durable and after several sharpening sessions, it still looks like new.

A quick note on sharpening stones: the term “whet” simply means to “sharpen”, not “wet” with moisture. I’ve gotten multiple questions about whether to use water or oil to sharpen your blade. Honestly, it really comes down to personal preference. I prefer to use oil when I can, but that may require carrying another thing in your pack when you already have water on hand. The Viking Whetstone Pendant can do both, but keep this in mind: you can always use water and switch to oil, but once you’ve used oil, you can’t go back to using water. You know, that whole oil and water thing. It’s science.

To close, I’m really pleased with the Viking Whetstone Pendant from Wazoo Survival Gear. It’s a very unique and fun gift to get the outdoor enthusiast in your life and is a useful tool that will come in handy. The cost on this whetstone is $30 and would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. Be sure to check them out on their website or other online shopping sites. Stay sharp out there!

– Jake

See the full line of Wazoo Survival Gear products at their website: http://www.wazoosurvivalgear.com/
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Viking Whetstone Pendant for free from Wazoo Survival Gear as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations.

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