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Cor Surf Bamboo Sunglasses

These lightweight bamboo sunglasses are amazing! Cor Surf Bamboo Sunglasses are made from eco friendly sustainable wood. They are surprisingly light to wear, it is almost like you are “wearing nothing at all”. They fit comfortably on even wide heads. Wearing them hiking on a trip to Arches National Park I was impressed by them. Having worn glasses all my life, with a few stints wearing contacts, my biggest struggle is when I get sweaty. The oily feeling of the sweat between your nose and the glasses is about one of the grossest feelings. These felt very cool, light, and didn’t give me that oily feel you get with other glasses. Not only are they lightweight and comfortable, they also float! I even tested this out at a pool, and they totally float. I personally have lost a pair or two while out boating, not anymore! The final buying point is that they look cool, even on an ugly mug like mine.

Let’s review:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Eco Friendly
  3. Comfortable (even in hot weather)
  4. They Float
  5. Look Cool (even if you are not)

I would definitely buy these again.

– Treebeard

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